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Alarm system, Volvo S60, V60

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A specially developed alarm system that makes you feel at peace when your Volvo is parked somewhere.

The alarm can only be installed in the following markets, as the cars in these markets are prepared for retrofitting the alarm: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Slovakia, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine.

A specially developed alarm system that makes you feel calm when your Volvo is parked somewhere.

The alarm is activated if someone tries to get into your car and also reacts to movement in the interior, provided the car is equipped with a motion detector. If you are traveling by ferry or leave the dog in the car, the motion detector can be temporarily disabled. The alarm can also be supplemented with a level sensor. This deters possible thieves when they raise the car to steal the wheels.

With the passive activation feature, you cannot forget to activate the alarm. After you turn off the engine, get out and close the driver's door, the alarm activates without having to lock the car. The alarm also includes a reactivation function that causes the alarm and lock to automatically activate if a door or lid is not opened within two minutes of unlocking the car.

The lock and alarm diode on the instrument panel shows the lock status of the car. If the diode starts flashing faster while you are disarming the alarm, it means that the alarm has been activated.

The alarm can be configured according to market requirements and meets legal and insurance company requirements.


  • Important information about the alarm and its functions and limitations can be found in the car's owner's manual.
  • Download software (application worth €163.35) for proper operation of the accessory from the Volvo dealer.
Technical data
Model & model year S60 2019-2025, V60 2019-2025, V60 cross country 2019-2024
Weight 0.30kg
Possible part numbers 32207262, 32207261, 32270016