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Child seat, comfort padding for integrated child seat, Volvo XC90

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Comfort upholstery for cars equipped with an integrated booster cushion.

Comfort upholstery for cars equipped with an integrated booster cushion. The cover has side supports that allow your child to sit comfortably and safely. In addition, the original upholstery of the car remains clean. The cover is made of high quality hard-wearing textile and consists of three parts that together form a complete unit. Thanks to a zipper, the side supports can be easily removed for washing.

Seat upholstery

The cover is easy to fit over the unfolded booster cushion and to remove when it needs to be folded down again. At the bottom, the cover is equipped with a PVC cover that protects the original rear seat cover.

Back padding

The integrated side supports improve seating comfort and keep the child in position. The cover is fitted around the standard headrests and underneath at the back of the back section.

Headrest padding

A support for the head that is easily fitted over the standard rear seat headrests and fastened with Velcro. The integrated foam blocks on the sides provide comfortable support and hold the child's head in position when at rest.

Technical data
Model & model year XC90 2016-2025
Weight 1.00kg
Possible part numbers 31414581, 31414896, 31659219, 32367416
Material Textiel en vinyl
Color Charcoal

Facts and advantages

  • Comfortbekleding met aangename zijsteun.
  • Slijtvast textiel van hoge kwaliteit en fraai ontwerp.
  • Geïntegreerde afdekking van vinyl.
  • Uitwasbaar (handwas).