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Glasses holder Volvo V40

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A very practical and functional glasses holder for properly storing your glasses.

A very practical and functional sunglass holder for the proper storage of your glasses.

The sunglass holder is easily mounted near the driver's seat at the location of the entry handle. Thanks to an oil dampened suspension, the holder can be easily operated with one hand. Suitable for most glasses.


  • Vanaf modeljaar 2016 (V40 vanaf chassisnummer 278380-, V40 Cross Country vanaf chassisnummer 92701-) alleen rechts beschikbaar.
Technical data
Model & model year V40 2013-2019, V40 cross country 2013-2019
Weight 0.10kg
Possible part numbers 1281823, 31403479
Material PC/ABS-kunststof

Facts and advantages

  • Te monteren bij alle plaatsen met instaphandgreep.
  • Met één hand te bedienen.
  • Geschikt voor de meeste brillen.