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Leather care - damp cloth, Volvo

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An environmentally friendly leather care system specially developed to meet today's stringent environmental and health requirements.

Leather, like all other sensitive materials, requires regular care to maintain its beautiful appearance. Volvo leather care products are the only Volvo Cars recommended products for care and maintenance of all Volvo leather upholstery. The package includes a pre-impregnated cloth with cleaning agent, a pre-impregnated cloth with emollient protective cream and a soft polishing cloth. One set is enough to treat two front seats or one rear seat.

The cleaning agent effectively cleans the car's leather upholstery, while the protective cream provides effective protection against stains and dirt and makes future cleaning easier.

All products are water-based and biodegradable. The products do not contain harmful solvents. Recommended use: 1-4 times a year or more often if needed. Complete usage instructions can be found in the respective packaging.


De producten niet gebruiken op interieuronderdelen van vinyl, nubuckleer of suède.
Technical data
Model & model year 850 1992-1997, C30 2007-2013, C40 2022-2024, C70 1998-2005, C70 2006-2013, S40 1996-2004, S40 2004-2012, S60 2001-2009, S60 2010-2013, S60 2014-2018, S60 2019-2025, S60 cross country 2016-2018, S70 1997-2000, S80 1999-2006, S80 2007-2013, S80 2014-2016, S90 2017-2024, V40 1996-2004, V40 2013-2019, V40 cross country 2013-2019, V50 2004-2012, V60 2011-2013, V60 2014-2018, V60 2019-2025, V60 cross country 2016-2018, V60 cross country 2019-2024, V70 1997-2000, V70 2000-2008, V70 2008-2013, V70 2014-2016, V90 2017-2025, V90 cross country 2017-2024, XC40 2018-2025, XC60 2009-2013, XC60 2014-2017, XC60 2018-2025, XC70 1998-2000, XC70 2001-2007, XC70 2008-2013, XC70 2014-2016, XC90 2003-2014, XC90 2016-2025, Polestar 2 2021-2025, Polestar 1 2020-2021
Weight 0.01kg
Possible part numbers 31393559, 31393561, 31393563, 31393562, 31393564, 31393558

Facts and advantages

  • Het product is op waterbasis, vrij van schadelijke oplosmiddelen en biologisch afbreekbaar
  • Reinigt en beschermt de bekleding