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Protective plate under engine, Volvo S60, S90, V60, V90 Cross Country, V90, V90 Cross Country, XC60, XC90

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Protects the engine, oil sump and transmission from impacts when driving in poor conditions, for example, if the road is bumpy or potholed. Fully enclosing aluminium plate that also prevents impacts from loose stones.

Protects the engine, crankcase and gearbox from shocks during driving in adverse conditions, e. g. road surfaces with potholes and holes. Full coverage aluminum plate, which also prevents impact of loose stones.

The protection plate has been carefully tested to ensure rigidity during powerful impacts. No noise is created by the plate and it has been checked that the engine receives the correct cooling.

Technical data
Model & model year S60 2019-2025, S90 2017-2024, V60 2019-2025, V60 cross country 2019-2024, V90 2017-2025, V90 cross country 2017-2024, XC60 2018-2025, XC90 2016-2025
Weight 6.50kg
Possible part numbers 32289658, 32270862, 32270114, 9814112

Facts and advantages

  • Strong, highly resistant aluminum plate.
  • Integrated air ducts to efficiently cool engine components.
  • Mounted via seven mounting points in the existing holes.
  • A special drill is required to ream out the existing holes in the car for attaching the skid plate.